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Full Atmos + Stereo Mix

Best for new projects that have not been mixed. We deliver Hi-Res Stereo Mix and Full Immersive Dolby Atmos including Spatial Audio. This is potentially the best value for mixing packages because we will mix the Atmos and Stereo simultaneously rendering one version of each for final deliverables.

Atmos Mix from Stereo Mix

For projects that have already been mixed in stereo. We will need to coordinate with your projects mix engineer to render out stereo stems of all the individual tracks from the mix with all the compression, eq etc baked in to the stems. The goal is to match the essence of the stereo mix.

Traditional Stereo Mix only

This is for projects that do not require a full blown Dolby Atmos Immersive Mix and a traditional stereo mix will do it.  All sessions will be archived if in the future an Immersive Mix is required. 

New Project - Producer and Mix Engineer

Do you have a project in your mind for the future?  We would love to discuss with you how we can create a project from concept to release.  With planning and production we can create a truly magical immersive music recording project utilizing all the technology and tools available.  Drawing from years of experience as an award winning music producer, Todd Boston can support you and your project to assure the highest quality outcome through the entire production process. 

What is Immersive Audio and Spatial Sound

Immersive audio is an emerging technology that allows a multi-dimensional approach to audio storytelling.  By utilizing new audio production tools we can bring our music to listeners in an expanded sonic field that goes beyond traditional surround sound. While “surround sound” exists in a horizontal plane around the listener, “immersive audio” is designed to produce a fully immersive experience where audio is perceived as coming from all around you including the dimension of space above.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is one of the leading new technologies in audio production that removes the limits of creative expression for artists to create a spatial sound experience that puts the listener inside the music. By using an object based mixing environment, Dolby Atmos opens an entirely new palette for creative exploration beyond conventional two channel audio limitations, with more clarity space and depth.  

Why should I mix my next project in Atmos?

The future is here and the major and indie record labels are investing millions of dollars in releasing new and old music in Dolby Atmos.  Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal all have Dolby Atmos streaming.

Imagine your recorded music has the ability to reach its full creative potential. Everything you have created in your mind literally has space.

How do I listen to Dolby Atmos?

We are living in a unique moment where the tools to create immersive audio experiences and the consumer listening products are both available with new tech being released everyday. From Dolby Atmos equipped soundbars, automobiles to regular headphones, earbuds and traditional stereo playback systems, Dolby Atmos is unique in it's ability to scale to whatever the listeners playback system is and deliver the most immersive listening experience based on that system.


My name is Todd Boston and I am an award winning music producer and engineer.  I have been producing music in the recording studio for over 30 years and have had the privileged of working with many Grammy nominated and winning artists. It is one of my greatest passions to share with artists, producers and labels the incredible potential of Immersive Audio and Dolby Atmos. Please contact me and let's talk discuss your upcoming projects and how they might reach their full potential with Immersive Audio!

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